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Teaching Scratch on the Codio Platform

With over 60 million projects shared worldwide, Scratch is a wildly popular block-based programming language. Why Scratch? Scratch introduces programming concepts in an engaging way to a wide range of students from 3rd grade to college intro to CS classes. The graphical coding environment makes it easy to create animated stories, interactive programs and games. Students learn the fundame...

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Teaching Processing in Codio

What is Processing? Processing may not be the most popular programming language, but it has cultivated a passionate following among the visual arts and education communities over the last sixteen years. Processing is based on Java but simplifies the syntax by not requiring that everything be an object. Some educators use Processing as a gradual introduction to Java. Students can focus on...

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Codio's Jade Nair: Bringing Impactful CS Education to Her Community

This summer, a new class of bright-minded interns joined our team. Ranging from 15 to 22 years old, each works closely with our Education and Product teams to further develop Codio’s teaching resources and improve the overall user experience. Jade Nair, a member of Codio’s 2020 class of interns, has been recognized by CNBC as a HomeGROWn Hero  for the impact she is making in her communit...

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Better Collaborative Coding with Cursor Presence

In Codio, you have been able to collaborate inside projects and instantly access student work for a while—but we are working to make collaborative coding even better! Now, you can see: When another user joins the project or assignment you are in Where other users are inside code files to see where they are working Where they are selecting—so you can literally highlight issues for other u...

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