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Better Collaborative Coding with Cursor Presence

In Codio, you have been able to collaborate inside projects and instantly access student work for a while—but we are working to make collaborative coding even better! Now, you can see: When another user joins the project or assignment you are in Where other users are inside code files to see where they are working Where they are selecting—so you can literally highlight issues for other u...

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Codio's Code Playback Tool

In Computer Science Education, we know that the process is as important as the product. However, when code is submitted, it only provides insight into the latter. Codio’s Code Playback feature enables teachers to get a glimpse into their students’ thought processes by taking snapshots of their code creation from beginning to end. Codio’s Code Playback feature allows teachers to: See stud...

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Advanced Student Learning Insights in Codio

Actionable insights based on student learning data Data is arguably the world’s most valuable commodity. However, the challenge with data is that there’s tons of it, and raw, unorganized data is difficult to analyze. Previous research has shown that visualizations are a powerful tool in conveying the story behind the data. Visualizations help most people to identify patterns, gather insi...

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Codio Launches “Global Assessments Library” of Editable, Auto-Graded Assessment Questions

Codio’s Global Assessments Library is live for all users!  Our Global Assessments Library contains auto-graded assessment questions covering a wide range of topics, difficulty levels, and assessment types—and it’s available for all instructors to make use of. The library is populated with hundreds of assessments, and we’re always adding more. Currently, assessments are available in:  Jav...

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