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Category: Product News Guides

Parsons Problems

Codio introduces a new type of assessment: Parsons Problems What are Parsons Problems? Parsons Problems are great formative assessments that ask students to arrange blocks of scrambled code - allowing them to focus on the purpose and flow of the code (often including a new pattern or feature) while not worrying about syntax. When students think they have completed the task correctly, Par...

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Category: Product News Guides

Product Update: Improvements to Codio's Authoring Tools based on your feedback

Based on your feedback we have added two new features to our unique curriculum authoring tool within Codio called Codio Guides.  Switching between edit and play modes Switching between edit and preview modes was a slow user experience for students. To access a student view, teachers and faculty would have to open up the Guides Player. Users reported that this would close the editor windo...

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Category: Guides

Flode and JGraph

In late 2015 we released our educational tool Flode, a fully functional, web-based flow charting tool. The big difference? Flode’s flowcharts execute like regular code. It comes with a visual debugger that lets you step through the flowchart, watches variables and outputs data to a console. At Codio, we focus on ensuring we use cutting-edge, professional tools that are tailored to enhanc...

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How to create auto-marking code tests

Our content team have created a comprehensive sample project which covers everything you need to know about creating auto-marking code tests. To get started using this teaching resource, fork the project by navigating to Project > Fork and selecting "Box and Project". The first scenario covers the basics of creating auto-marking code tests. The test is written in the bash programming lan...

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