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Jupyter Notebooks and Codio

Codio prides itself on being pedagogically agnostic and flexible enough to meet the needs of any instructor. Jupyter Notebooks are no exception. Instructors who make Jupyter Notebooks a cornerstone of their teaching can combine them with the power and efficiency of Codio. Code source:  What are Jupyter Notebooks? Jupyter Notebooks are interactive ...

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Advanced Student Learning Insights in Codio

Actionable insights based on student learning data Data is arguably the world’s most valuable commodity. However, the challenge with data is that there’s tons of it, and raw, unorganized data is difficult to analyze. Previous research has shown that visualizations are a powerful tool in conveying the story behind the data. Visualizations help most people to identify patterns, gather insi...

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Using Codio to teach Data Science

Data Science is rapidly growing in popularity both in companies and in academia. So what exactly is Data Science and how does Codio take Data Science out of the realm of the weird and wonderful and help students get their hands dirty? What is Data Science? Data Science is a combination of techniques and tools that allow you to take data sets of any size and any kind and extract meaning f...

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