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Teaching Scratch on the Codio Platform

With over 60 million projects shared worldwide, Scratch is a wildly popular block-based programming language. Why Scratch? Scratch introduces programming concepts in an engaging way to a wide range of students from 3rd grade to college intro to CS classes. The graphical coding environment makes it easy to create animated stories, interactive programs and games. Students learn the fundame...

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Teaching Processing in Codio

What is Processing? Processing may not be the most popular programming language, but it has cultivated a passionate following among the visual arts and education communities over the last sixteen years. Processing is based on Java but simplifies the syntax by not requiring that everything be an object. Some educators use Processing as a gradual introduction to Java. Students can focus on...

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Codio's Remote Feedback Toolkit

This year has brought significant challenges for educators and students alike as institutions shift to online or hybrid learning formats. Although you and your students may not share the same classroom anymore, you can still deliver an engaging learning experience! We’ve developed and launched tools like Code Playback, Cursor Presence, and In-Line Code Commenting to make it easier to tea...

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Taking a Closer Look at the "Pipeline Problem"

It’s no secret that tech has a diversity problem. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men accounted for 74% of computing professionals in 2019. Merely 9% of computing professionals were Black (compared to 13% of the population), and only 8% were Latino (compared to 19% of the population). [1, 2] To complicate this picture further, these numbers do not take into account the ...

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