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Auto-Graded Assessments and other C-Books Features for CS Students and Instructors

C-Books gives you unparalleled access to interactive and enhanced OER textbooks—with all the flexibility and control of the Codio platform. C-Books Features for Students C-Books seamlessly integrates book text and pictures with beautiful inline code snippets and code examples within the IDE that you can both edit and run. When students need support, they have access to our code visualize...

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zyBooks vs. C-Books

We’re often asked: “what's the difference between zyBooks and C-Books?” In an attempt to differentiate, we’ve decided to offer a comparison based on the following dimensions: Platform Content Assessments Student Learning Data Price Platform Both Codio and zyBooks have IDEs that are integrated with interactive, multimedia content. While zyBooks offers custom, high-production value animati...

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Shorter, Open Texts Increase Learning

The barriers of traditional textbooks Students had very limited access to information when textbooks first became an educational tool—so they needed to include anything deemed relevant to a given subject. With access to more information than most libraries in their pockets, it no longer makes sense for students to lug around heavy, expensive physical textbooks. Two overarching barriers—l...

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