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Flexible Computing Education in an Uncertain Semester

As educators prepare for the upcoming Spring 2021 semester, Codio's Patrick Ester recently demonstrated interactive instruction tools and resources in our on-demand webinar, Flexible Computing Education in an Uncertain Semester. Below is a peak into Patrick's informative presentation. “[Research] shows greater student retention and performance when faculty members become more engaged wit...

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How to Create and Use Formative Assessments at Scale

A version of this blog post was originally published on Dr. Stephens-Martinez's blog. Codio asked if I'd be interested in sharing my expertise on scalable formative assessments through a webinar on July 14th, 1PM EDT (slides). I liked the idea given our future for the next academic year. Moreover, it was an opportunity for me to consolidate my thoughts on the scalable formative assessmen...

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10 Reasons to Switch to Codio

1. Higher student satisfaction and engagement Students using Codio are more engaged and exhibit higher levels of satisfaction. Instructors using Codio have reported an average increase in student satisfaction of over 10%. 2. Outstanding customer support Codio provides top-notch customer support and training. Save thousands of dollars in training fees—we train faculty for free. We offer o...

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How Has Computer Science Teaching Changed Recently?

Codio's Director of Curricula discusses the findings from our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching   Elise Deitrick, PhD, Codio's Director of Curricula and Education Programs, shares some of the key findings from our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching. Key Takeaways 72% of teachers were primarily concerned about manual grading. 88% said they want technology with assessment reso...

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