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Megan McHughFebruary 23, 20173 min read

Codio releases curriculum fully mapped to the CSTA Standards and K12 CS Framework

Joint Press Release by Codio and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) 

London, UK and Albany, New York 

Codio releases a full set of teaching resources mapped to the 2016 Interim CSTA Standards and K12 CS Framework. The new curriculum is integrated into the Codio resource platform designed for computer science education. The project was lead by Daniel Moix, a standing member of the CSTA Standards Committee. CSTA's mission is to empower, engage and advocate for K-12 computer science teachers worldwide. Codio's mission is to provide teachers with the resources and tools to help prepare students fo the digital economy. 

View our online demonstration by our Senior Education Manager, Jill Coddington. 

Whilst use of Codio in a classroom teaching environment requires a Codio subscription, Codio's partnership with the CSTA allows any CSTA teacher free personal access to Codio for professional development

"It's so exciting to see the CSTA standards come to life in the form of interactive middle school and high school courses available to all CSTA members at no cost! You can join Codio for free for professional development. The team of writers worked very hard to design units that are approachable even for the novice CS teacher." - says Daniel Moix. 

Mapped to CSTA Standards (Interim) and K12 CS Framework 

The United States does not have official testing standards for computer science.  Yet, there are unofficial standards including expected norms and established standards. The Computer Science Teachers’  Association (CSTA) leads the pack in establishing those standards.  

Teachers using Codio have access to two new courses - one for high school and one for middle school. The courses cover wide ranging topics such as programming, Big Data, cyber-security, algorithms, databases and ethics. Codio includes an interactive IDE split-screen experience with a full learning management system. Students and teachers write code and run a program on one side with the instructional content on the other side. 

Codio’s CEO, Phillip Snalune commented: “A full set of curriculum mapped teaching resources provides a tremendous support for teachers - both for their own PD and for teaching in the classroom.  Coupled with Codio’s leading edge cloud platform and powerful classroom management support, Codio represents a complete solution for supporting large scale middle and high school computer science curriculum delivery.”
What is included in the High School Course ? 

For Freshman there is an in-depth section on cybersecurity and the implementation of encryption. Ethics is also a key component covered from both a moral and ethical standpoint. Networks covers the basics of networking and expands to servers, routers, switches, end-user devices and understanding how they all work together. Number systems such as binary, hexadecimal, and decimal are also covered.

Moving into the sophomore year, an expansion to implementing encryption and decryption is included. Databases are introduced and are a critical component to understanding how businesses function today. There is Big Data analysis based on real world data sets. Sophomores explore using a variety of forms, including sensors, mouse clicks, sound, and graphics. Debugging is a very important tool for any software developer and is also introduced at this level. 

 What is included in the Middle School Course ? 

The middle school course covers the basics of computer algorithms. It helps the student learn how to turn algorithms into programs and organize programs into functions. Throughout the course is decomposition, real world applications and impacts on technology. In addition, there is a capstone project designed so the students to demonstrates a well-rounded knowledge of all the material in the course. 

With STEM as a focus in the middle school and high school systems, it is exciting that Codio now supplies a well-rounded curriculum that is easy for teachers to use in the classroom or remotely. 

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Megan McHugh

Megan is a Marketing Manager at Codio. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications.