Beyond "Textbook Replacements" & Auto-Grading

Seamless, Individualized Learning Experiences

SIGCSE 2023—Toronto, Canada


Session Description 

Hear how Andrew Goodney of USC has used Codio in his large introductory courses, plus learn about our newest features, like parameterized assessments and interactive, auto-graded course materials!

Is your tech stack for teaching too complex? Between your e-text, an LMS, auto-graded coding assignments in another tool, and trying to get the same software on each student’s laptop, it’s easy to spend more time troubleshooting and transferring grades than teaching.

Codio solves this with a browser-based IDE, sudo-privileged terminal, course authoring tools, and powerful auto-graded assessments for a seamless student experience. Instantly access student code and help them using built-in feedback tools. Put students together to pair program and easily connect to tools like Github for larger group projects.

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harrison_elise_headshot - Elise Deitrick

Elise Deitrick, PhD

Elise is Codio's VP of Product & Partnerships. She believes in making quality educational experiences available to everyone. With a BS in Computer Science and a PhD in STEM Education, she has spent the last several years teaching robotics, computer science and engineering. Elise now uses that experience and expertise to shape Codio's product and content.