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Build high-integrity computing courses that boost learner confidence.

Easily deliver computing courses and labs with editable interactive texts (ours or yours), auto-graded assessments, and support—designed to reduce course admin and enhance learner outcomes.

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Auto-Graded Labs and Course Text

The most effective solution

"Codio is the most effective solution I've seen for sharing a combination of textbook and complex auto-graded programming labs."
Armando FoxProfessor at UC Berkeley
Evidence-Based Results

Happier learners, less grading and admin

Independent research has found that "the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction as well as far greater data on student engagement and performance" (Croft & England, 2019).

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15% Higher learner performance
30% Less course admin
10% Higher learner satisfaction
75% Less time spent grading
Instant Virtual Labs

No-hassle cloud labs

Eliminate compatibility issues and learner barriers to entry with cloud-based labs accessible on any device. Spin up unlimited Linux or Windows VMs in seconds, seamlessly assign auto-graded Jupyter Notebooks, distribute RStudio assignments and data sets, or give learners exposure to IDEs like VSCode—all within Codio.
Instruction & Assessment Tools

Bring your course materials to life

Through genuinely interactive computing courses with instant learner feedback, Codio unlocks higher levels of learner engagement while eliminating course admin and grading burdens. 

Hands-on learning experiences
Scaffolded Interactive Courseware

Create engaging courses in minutes

Editable, interactive courseware in Python, C/C++, Java, and more—integrated with a professional-grade IDE with auto-graded assessments, instant learner feedback, and intelligent learning analytics. 

editable courseware
Plagiarism Detection & Prevention

Promote academic integrity

Detect plagiarism and code similarity with powerful detection tools and behavior insights while preventing academic dishonesty and cheating with individualized and randomized assessments.

Academic Integrity
Higher Education

Create and deliver engaging hands-on learning experiences

Give students the engaging computing learning experiences they crave with Codio's templated labs, auto-graded assessments, instant student feedback, customizable courseware, and research-based instructional tools.

coding example-1
Tech Skill Development

Deliver role-specific simulations of real-world problems

Create and deliver engaging technical training and skill development courses with hands-on simulations of real-world problems.

Essential Data Science in Python & R Blog-4
K12 Schools

Your programming classroom in the cloud

Everything school teachers need to teach programming and computing skills to students of all skill levels—from block-based and introductory-level programming to AP-level computer science.

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Instructor Feedback

Instructors love teaching with Codio

armando fox
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley
"Codio is the most effective solution I've seen for sharing a combination of textbook and complex auto-graded programming labs."
Dr. Clement AllenAssociate Professor, Florida A&M University

“This semester is the first year we decided to teach a computer programming course to non-Majors. And I immediately wanted it to be Codio. The students are already intimidated by computers and programming. So, I needed an environment that was friendly, accessible and something they can easily grasp.”

Raymond LangAssociate Professor, Xavier University of Louisiana
“An incredible platform...I’m (almost) at a loss for words right now at how smoothly this pivot away from face-to-face teaching is going for my students because of Codio.”
john hall
John HalleCornell
“Codio’s partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management.”
Mark ShermanAssistant Professor of Computer Science, Emmanuel College

“There are so many little things that are making my life so much easier while using Codio. Things I wouldn’t have thought to ask for, like popping into a student’s project live. Overall this is taking less maintenance effort on my end to run the same course, and I’m so happy about that.”

Greg DeLozier
Greg DelozierLecturer, Kent State University
“Codio is extremely useful as a tool for teaching computer programming courses and great as a professional prototyping and technology exploration tool. I’ve done amazing things. Codio makes it possible for students to experience exactly how they would need to work as they progress into industry.”
Eitan Grinspun
Eitan Grinspun, PhDAssociate Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University
"What we love about Codio is the ease of configuration for any programming scenario and the fact that we can configure it entirely ourselves. Its integrated nature, flexibility, and the fact that all students need is a browser are fantastic."
David Croft Coventry University-1
David CroftLecturer, Coventry University
“Having the instant formative feedback is really useful. And that is where Codio comes in handy. They click ‘check it’ in Codio and it goes and tests that their code meets the specifications. It sorts correctly, it searches correctly. It has the error handling and features that we are expecting. It doesn’t have memory leaks.”
armando fox-1
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley
"We needed a student-facing IDE that was 'ready to go' and didn't require futzing or installation on the student's part but was sophisticated enough to handle our auto-grading demands without requiring extensive instructor time spent on dev-ops or configuration."
Leslie Brommer
Leslie BrommerCurriculum Developer, UTeach CS
Hosting our curricular materials on Codio is the best decision we’ve made to enhance our teacher and student experience! Codio provides everything we need for our teachers and students including an all-in-one, one-stop shop for teacher materials, an online student textbook, and coding IDE for students. Our teachers love all the features Codio has embedded such as code playback, learner behavior insights, code commenting, and auto-graded assignments. Codio is incredibly responsive to our organizational needs and feature requests, while also developing new tools at the forefront of the CS education landscape. Codio is seamless for educators, engaging for students, and committed to accessibility. We evaluated many platforms before selecting Codio, and highly recommend this evidence-based platform to all CS educators!
Mateen RizkiChair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University
“The VM technology, integrated IDE, and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge.”
Chris Hickman - Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School
Chris HickmanProgramming & Web Development Instructor, Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School
"Now, students are finally focusing 100% on the curriculum frameworks without worrying about any technology-related issues limiting their ability to succeed in the program."
Sylvester Mobley-1
Sylvester MobleyCoded by Kids
“Some older kids see it as: ‘this could take me somewhere’. The younger kids don’t yet see it in career terms. But that’s fine, it’s about immersing them in technology; immersing them in innovation. Seeing tech become second nature: using Git, the command line. That’s when I know we’re having an impact in bringing kids into the modern world.”
Dr. Gordon FraserSenior Lecturer, Sheffield University
“Click on a student’s project and five seconds later I can compile, run and debug without having to unzip or copy and paste it into my own environment. The time I save with this feature alone justifies the Codio platform and gives me back my Sundays.”
Gwen Britton - Headshot
Gwen Britton, PhDSouthern New Hampshire University
“There is tremendous potential to expand the use of Codio at SNHU. We're in the process of rebuilding all tech-related undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as moving into the data science space, and Codio can support our effective course delivery in all of these fields.”
Betsy Jenaway-2
Elizabeth JenawayMacomb Community College

I plan on revising more of my content for ITCS 1140 and start working on new content for ITCS 1170 Database Design and Implementation using SQL. I'm excited about using Codio for my database class.”

Thomas SmithHead of Computing at Caistor Grammar School
“Codio just makes the whole process simple. And that’s something all teachers are looking for.”
Ruth AgbajiCEO & Founder of Code Wiz
"Codio has truly revolutionized the way we approach coding education at Code Wiz. As an innovative coding school for kids, one of the things we absolutely love about Codio is how it allows us to seamlessly integrate different types of media into our lessons, making the learning experience engaging and interactive. The platform's online IDE with collaborative features has made coding projects and lessons educational and fun for our young students. The ability to customize development environments based on skill levels and languages is a game-changer, enabling us to tailor the learning experience to each individual's needs. Moreover, Codio's automated assessment tools have simplified our evaluation process, ensuring students receive timely feedback on their code. Thanks to Codio, our students have a dynamic and effective way to learn programming, making it an indispensable tool in our curriculum."
Dr. Clement AllenAssociate Professor, Florida A&M University

"Codio allowed us to have a complete environment in the cloud. So, if I decided that in the middle of the semester, I wanted to teach prolog, I could install the stack, configure it, and do all of that myself without bothering the staff. It has been a great, great time saver."

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