How to Join

  • Create a Codio account in the CAS organization
  • Join as a Teacher or as a Student
    • Select Teacher if you are a leading and CPD class
    • Select Student if you are enrolling in CPD study
  • Attend a webinar to learn how to use Codio

Join Now

Project Templates

Create project templates using Codio and issue to all teachers enrolled in the organization Or create project templates to test out new ideas for your classroom.

Full Customization

You can customize any aspect of your Codio account. You can work your way through any of the 80 course units that are mapped to OCR or create new content within Codio.

For CAS only

The "CAS Community" organization in Codio is for CAS teacher members only and to be used for CPD purposes. It cannot be used for teaching school age students in a school setting.