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What is Codio?

what is codio

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Codio is the evidence-based learning platform for computer science education. With robust auto-grading capabilities, an editable assessments library, customizable curricular resources, and actionable student learning insights, the Codio toolkit enables teachers to optimize their students’ engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

Click here to sign up for a free trial.

The Codio Onboarding-Quick Start Guide provides a short interactive tour through all the key Codio features.

If you don't see the Onboarding-Quick Start guide in your My Projects tab, click here and then select Use Pack then click Create to add it to your projects.

The Codio technical documentation provides a complete reference to all the Codio features. You can access this documentation from the Help section of your Codio Dashboard. You can use the Search function to find answers to your questions.

You create content in Codio using Guides. Guides are a powerful authoring tool used to create rich tutorial content. Click here for more information.

The Demo Guides and Assessments Starter pack provides a tutorial for creating guides and assessments. If this guide is not in your My Projects folder, click here and select Use Pack then click Create to add it to your projects. 

Codio has a wide range of curricular resources that are ready to use. All of our content is editable and you can easily blend together multiple resources within a course. Our entire library is offered for free.

You can find available content here, or by clicking on the Resources tab in the Teach section of your Codio dashboard.

You can search by programming language or content type.

You can contact Codio support by clicking on Support Chat in the Help section of your Codio dashboard.

The video below provides you with an overview of the Teacher Dashboard.