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Guides are a powerful authoring tool you can use to create rich tutorial content. Click here for more information.

The Demo Guides and Assessments Starter pack provides a tutorial for creating guides and assessments. If this guide is not in your My Projects folder, click here and select Use Pack and click Create to add it to your projects. You must have a Codio account to try this.

A Starter Pack is a way to combine all the necessary files for a project. This includes the tools, such as compilers, as well as data files. More information may be found here.

See also: How Starter Packs and Stacks Work Together

Select Tools > Guide > Edit to edit a Guide. More information for editing existing content may be found here.

As well as in this video:


You create a Codio book by clicking on the My Books tab in the Build section of your Codio dashboard and then clicking New Book in the upper right hand corner.

More information on creating a Codio book can be found here.