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The Codio Development Environment

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A project or ‘Box’ is the foundational structure in Codio. Each project is an isolated Ubuntu server.

You can find more information about Projects in Codio here.

A stacks is a pre-configured software collection, often containing a programming language and any required libraries.

You can find more information about stacks here and in the technical documentation.

A Starter Pack can be described as a Stack plus the workspace files it needs. For example, if you are creating a database course, a Starter Pack provides a way to package together all the development tools and the data files needed for an assignment.

More information here.

Codio's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows you to edit and debug your programs in Codio. More information here.

You access the terminal through the Tools menu (Tools > Terminal).

More information about the Codio terminal can be found here.

Codio offers an integrated, language specific debugger. More information about the Codio debugger can be found here.