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Assessments, Auto-Grading, and Viewing Student Progress

assessments, grading

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Auto-graded assessments offer two main benefits: grading is handled by the assessment, and students receive rich, immediate feedback. Creating an auto-graded assessment can be as simple as specifying the expected output when a program is run.

The Demo Guides and Assessments Starter Pack provides a tutorial for creating guides and assessments. If this guide is not in your My Projects folder, click here and select Use Pack then click Create to add it to your projects.

The Codio technical documentation provides further information on creating assessments.

Codio has the following assessment types available (click on the link for more information about the assessment type):

Assessments are created in edit mode in Guides (Tools > Guide > Edit). Click on the chess piece icon to view the available assessment types.

This menu also gives you access to the Codio assessment library which contains many pre-made, editable assessments. You can filter the list by programming language, category, content, learning objective, and Blooms taxonomy.

Read: Creating an assessment.

Instructors can build their own assessment libraries and share them with colleagues. Libraries can be organized by course number, programming language, department or any categories you choose.

Read: Creating an assessment library.

As an instructor you have access to your students' workspace within Codio. You can view and access your students' completed work at any time.

Find more information about accessing student work here and in the video below.