What is Codio?

Codio unlocks higher performance in CS education, enabling faculty to teach more effectively and students to achieve better learning outcomes.

The Codio Platform Guide

Access Platform Overview

Your must-have tool for bringing your vision of CS learning to life, our computer science platform allows instructors to unlock higher performance in CS education. Through the unique Codio platform, instructors are able to teach more effectively, while students achieve better learning outcomes. 

With custom workflows and suggested content, Codio is a teaching and learning platform like no other. Built with student success in mind, the Codio platform teaches in the way students learn, with lessons broken up into digestible sections over a time period. 

An all-in-one learning platform that offers unparalleled control over the delivery of your computer science courses, the Codio platform is the classroom tool you didn’t know you were missing. 

When you choose the Codio platform, you can expect:

  • An environment you can scale to meet enrollment demands
  • A flexible, cloud-based, browser-accessible platform that replaces the burden and expense of hardware
  • Advanced learning insights and instant access to student code
  • Fully customizable learning experiences with sudo-level access, a beautiful built-in IDE, auto-graded assessments, and more

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A steady increase in student performance and satisfaction

David Croft, who learned what Codio is and started using it
David Croft
Lecturer at Coventry University

"The use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction as well as far greater data on student engagement and performance."

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